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Highway to success with NHSS

Having recently achieved UKAS Accreditation to certify to the National Highways Sector Schemes (NHSS), North East firm, Ocean Certification – one of the UK’s leading UKAS accredited certification bodies – is already demonstrating the rewards and benefits that certification can bring to businesses in the sector.

Wearmouth Construction and newly formed company Express Traffic Management are amongst the first of the firm’s clients set to reap the benefits of the National Highways Sector Scheme (NHSS) – a bespoke quality management system designed especially for organisations working on the UK road network.

The scheme aims to ensure that all work carried out on British roads is completed to the highest possible standard, in a bid to optimise quality, professionalism and performance.

Designed to provide assurance to stakeholders that a robust and transparent system is in place, the quality-focused scheme also ensures that the highway industry is regulated within a recognised framework.

Scott Huntley, MD of Express Traffic Management, said: “Becoming registered under NHSS for traffic management comes with a whole host of advantages. It not only lends us credibility, but it also gives us a competitive edge when tendering for work, whilst signalling to potential clients that all of the projects we work on will be completed to the highest possible standard. Of course, it also gives us a clear advantage over competitors who are not already registered.

“This type of credibility is massively important to us as it offers new opportunities on non-national road networks and means that we can take on contracts for the national road network.“

Wearmouth Construction, which has been certified to NHSS 16 for its road surfacing activities, also looks set to reap the benefits of the scheme that provides wider recognition with local authorities, as well as a framework to initiate planned processes and a more competant and qualified workforce. The organsiation can also look forward to connecting and engaging with new customers on a broader scale.

Based in Newcastle, Ocean Certification has extensive experience in providing certification to a wide range of companies, across a variety of sectors. David Lowery, Lead Auditor and Business Development Manager at Ocean Certification, said: “We’re thrilled to be able able to provide certification for Express Traffic Management, and we’re confident that they will benefit from the many rewards that come hand in hand with the scheme.

“One of the main advantages of the scheme is that companies can join an online Schedule of Suppliers maintained by Lantra Awards in order to maximise exposure to potential customers. This is the only comprehensive national register of independantly approved contractors and subcontractors with UKAS accredited ISO 9001 and NHSS certification.“

Other advantages of the National Highways Sector Scheme include access to expertise and support, as well as reduced costs. Some trade associations will also only accept new members who are NHSS registered.

For more information about the scheme, you can visit the Ocean Certification website for further details and call for guidance over the phone.


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