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Archive: Nov 2018

Leading construction company achieves the new ISO 45001

Wynne Construction chooses Ocean for certification Wynne Construction is a leading construction company operating throughout North Wales, Mid Wales and the North West of England. The organisation provides high quality innovative solutions on a partnering, design and build and traditional basis for projects in the public and private sector. Having achieved and maintaining their ISO […]

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9001 Accreditation

Looking for 9001 accreditation? If you are wanting to gain an ISO 9001 certification that has an UKAS accreditation, then you have arrived at the right place! An ISO 9001 certification demonstrates that your business has the systems in place to deliver a high quality service or product, which opens up doors for your business, […]

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ISO systems

ISO systems ISO systems or ‘Management Systems’ is a term used to describe the processes and applications that a  business has in place in order to bring its service or product to its buyers or stakeholders by following an internationally recognised standard. There are a number of areas a management system could cover, this includes […]

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