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ISO 45001 is replacing OHSAS 18001 very soon, get prepared with Ocean

ISO 14001

The new Occupational Health and Safety standard, ISO 45001 is replacing OHSAS 18001 very soon. Are you ready?

Here are some frequently asked questions about the new standard:

We have OHSAS 18001 and still have over a year before it expires, do we need to transfer over to ISO 45001?

Once ISO 45001 is published, there will still be three-years before OHSAS 18001 becomes no longer recognised as a certification standard. You will have plenty of time for transition to the new standard, and with Ocean a transition can be completed as part of the normal assessment routine, which is a much more cost effective way.

Why has OHSAS 18001 been replaced?

There are a number of reasons why OHSAS 18001 has been replaced:

  • Improving occupational health and safety: The overall reason for the replacement of OHSAS 18001 is to help businesses gain further improvement in occupational health and safety performance.
  • Helping organisations become more efficient: This new standard is set to help organisations become more ‘joined up’ in their approach to management systems, therefore a business that has ISO 9001 and/or ISO 14001 will be able to integrate ISO45001, allowing efficiencies in system management.
  • Helping organisations to become more ethical:  The standard is seen as an improvement encouraging organisations to be more aware of their wider environments. For example, companies will have to consider their supply chain more closely and get into greater detail of the impact that their work has on the community. Opening up consideration across stakeholder groups to achieve this standard means that the organisation will naturally become more considerate in their environments.

What does this mean to our business?

A need to transfer to ISO 45001: If you have OHSAS 18001 you will need to transfer to ISO 45001 at some point. Ocean can support you in doing this. First of all, why not attend our partners training courses which will provide you with all you need to know for a smooth transition.

A more joined up approach to other management systems: Ability to join up your Occupational Health and Safety System with other management systems such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, meaning a more efficient way of managing your standards.

An even safer place to work: ISO 45001 provides more detail around various aspects of occupational health and safety, with the main objectives to improve health and safety at work.

Becoming more competitive:  PQQs and tender systems will quickly start to prefer a supplier that demonstrates that they have ISO 45001 due to its advancement and more up to date requirements from its predecessor.

The standard is expected to be published on 12 March 2018.

Our partners SEQM are running training courses to provide details about the standard, and the best way forward to start to make the transition from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001.

Click here to find out more about the courses.