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OHSAS 18001Achieving OHSAS 18001, a standard that demonstrates sound occupational health & safety performance, shows that a business is serious about health and safety.

Having gained (and maintained) this certification proves that an organisation places high value on the health and safety for it’s employees, contractors, customers and other stakeholders alike.

The OHSAS 18001 certification mark is a strong indication that an organisation is committed to delivering a product/service to their customers in a safe manner.

We are pleased to continue to add to our growing list of organisations who we have worked with and who have achieved their certification.

Well done to all those listed below who we have worked with and have become successful in achieving OHSAS 18001 and have chosen to display their marks of certification on their website:

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We work with organisations who are starting on their journey to put in place their quality management system as well as those who already have OHSAS 18001 in place and are looking to switch suppliers.

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