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In which countries does Ocean provide accredited certification?
Ocean assesses clients across the whole of the UK and Japan for accredited management systems certification so wherever you are we can serve your certification needs.
How soon can I get certified?

Timescales depend on how well prepared clients are but in some cases the two initial assessments can be carried out in a matter of weeks.  Ocean’s large pool of multi-qualified assessors enables us to provide initial assessments according to timescales as requested by our clients.  While Ocean continues to grow, it remains small enough to provide a flexible and customer-focussed approach at a very competitive price.

You can contact David Lowery at the Ocean Head Office on 0191 222 0306 or send us your enquiry via our enquiries page or to to receive a competitive quote and information on timescales within 3 working days.

How much will Certification cost?

The cost of your certification depends on a number of factors including: your organisation’s size; the risk level of your operations; whether you operate from different locations; and how many people your organisation employs.  However, we are committed to continuously reviewing our fees and the costs we place on our clients to ensure that we remain highly competitive both on price and services offered.

You can contact David Lowery at the Ocean Head Office on 0191 222 0306 or send us the details of your company via our enquiries page or to to receive a competitive quote and information within 3 working days.

What are the benefits of getting certified by a UKAS accredited body?
Our UKAS accreditation provides complete assurance not only of the quality of our work as a certification body but also the UKAS mark of accreditation as an internationally recognised assurance of your management system(s) standard(s).
How often will I have to be assessed?

The standard 3 year certification cycle involves two initial assessments in the first year, Phase 1 and Phase 2.   The Phase 1 is just a document review to establish that a compliant basic structure and all mandatory procedures are in place.  Once successfully through Phase 1 clients can address any findings raised and proceed to Phase 2 where an Ocean Assessor will visit the organisation and assess the compliance of the full management system raising any possible improvements that could be made and then making a recommendation for certification.  In the second year there is one surveillance assessment assessing the management system(s) against a selection of clauses of the standard(s).  Then in the final year there is one surveillance assessment which assesses the management system(s) to the clauses not covered in the second year’s surveillance.  They three year cycle then ends.

The first cycle is then followed by a recertification visit which re-assesses the full management system against all of the clauses of the standard(s) as a start to a new three year cycle.  This is then followed by another two years of surveillance.

Additional audits can be included on request.

Am I ready for Certification?
See the prepare section for information on how you will need to prepare for certification. It may be possible to give you an indication of this over the phone if you contact David Lowery.
What if I fail my assessment?

There is no Pass or Fail in management systems certification.  The only outcomes of the reports you receive are findings.  There are three types of finding in the report and all findings are confidential between you, us and potentially UKAS.  The findings are either Non-conformances or Opportunities for Improvement.  Opportunities are areas for you to review in your own time and do not affect the timescales for your certification.  Non-conformances require an approved corrective action plan to be submitted to Ocean before certification can be progressed and a maximum timescale of six weeks is allowed for you to provide this.  Once and required actions are accepted you may then be awarded certification.

For more information on the process or to answer any additional questions you may have please contact David at or on 0191 222 0306.

If I get my OHSAS 18001 Certification with Ocean is it equivalent to other SSIP schemes like CHAS, Constructionline and Safemark?
Yes! Ocean is now a registered member of SSIP.  Therefore, if you request OHSAS 18001 with SSIP from Ocean you will not only receive a worldwide recognised UKAS Accredited Health and Safety Management Systems Certificate but also SSIP registration equivalent to that of schemes like CHAS, Constructionline and Safemark.  This means you can save money by reducing the number of schemes you have to sign up to.  You can effectively replace such scheme or equivalent certification costs with just one annual £50.00 SSIP Portal Registration Fee with your OHSAS 18001 through Ocean Certification Limited.