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Six reasons why a quality management system will attract customers to your door

If you don’t have a certified quality management system in your business, you could be losing out commercially.
Potential customers look out for marks of quality management system certification when choosing a supplier, as they will know they will be receiving high value. The most widely recognised standard for certifying quality management systems is the ISO 9001 standard and if you achieve this certification you will be granted use of the ISO 9001 certification mark.
Here are the top six reasons why customers look for a quality mark:
  1. They know they will be receiving an excellent service, as your quality management system will bring to light any customer communication needs and requirements so that the business can deliver on customer expectation and maintain customer satisfaction.
  2. Having a quality system in place highlights any ineffective business processes and errors, so that these can be rectified therefore improving products and services that an organisation offersQuality Management System
  3. A business with a quality management system will reduce operational costs through efficiencies and reduced errors – costs that are passed onto customers.
  4. Quality management helps to highlight risks in a business so that they can be put right before impacting on customers and business reputation.
  5. Customers will have more confidence in a supplier with a quality management system in place as they will know they will have good supply chain performance and credibility with their own suppliers
  6. Potential customers are looking for suppliers that can invest and constantly drive improvement, the mark of a certified quality management system demonstrates a business that has this at their heart
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