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What is NHSS?

What is NHSS?

What is NHSS? NHSS stands for National Highway Sector Schemes, a scheme which is a supplement to the ISO9001 management system and is specifically designed for those operating in roadworks and the highways industry.

If your business would like public contracts or to be a sub-contractor for a public contract to work on you must have NHSS.

The schemes ensure that any company contracted to work on the highways have proven levels of competency, resulting in the Highways Agency and local authorities gaining immediate assurance that their contractor operates at the standards required.

The top 5 key benefits of this certification are:

  1. Providing additional opportunity to win business in the highway sector, as this will allow you will have the correct certification to allow you to supply
  2. Increased staff retention levels as employee engagement improves
  3. Lowering risks to the business
  4. Increased levels in customer satisfaction as you will continually engage with customers identifying issues so that your business can respond
  5. Reduction in operational costs as processes and practices will become more streamlined

You should have in place an existing ISO 9001 certification in order to gain one of the schemes for NHSS.

However, if you don’t have ISO 9001 in place we can also help you to achieve both schemes.

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