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The benefits of BIM

The Benefits of BIM

The benefits of BIM itself are vast across the supply chain, and are projected to have an impact on the environment and efficiencies of assets in the short, medium and long term. Find out more about what BIM is or how to gain a BIM Certification to demonstrate your organisation is compliant.  

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BIM Certification

  BIM Certification allows your organisation to demonstrate that it is compliant with the aspects of BIM Level 2. The BIM Certification that we offer is delivered by checking that you comply with the relevant parts of the PAS 1192-2 standard. By achieving the BIM Certification, your organisation will benefit due to a range of […]

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What is BIM?

What is BIM

What is BIM? BIM stands for “Building Information Modelling” and is the process that uses digital information to help manage a construction project throughout all of the stages. BIM ensures that a project is ran efficiently and when applied correctly, BIM has a positive impact on resource, costs, environmental impact and health and safety. Organisations […]

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