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ISO systems

ISO systems ISO systems or ‘Management Systems’ is a term used to describe the processes and applications that a  business has in place in order to bring its service or product to its buyers or stakeholders by following an internationally recognised standard. There are a number of areas a management system could cover, this includes […]

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UKAS accredited ISO 45001 certification from Ocean Certification

ISO 45001 UKAS accredited

In October 2018, Ocean Certification were awarded accreditation by UKAS to issue the new Health and Safety certification,  ISO 45001. David Lowery, Ocean Certification’s business development manager tells us; “This is an extremely exciting time for Ocean. We have now become one of the few certification bodies to offer this particular certification alongside other standards […]

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Why choose an UKAS accredited certification body?


Serious about your business? Then choosing an UKAS accredited certification body such as Ocean is must to assess your management systems. Here are five reasons why you should choose an UKAS accredited certification body and not be fooled into going for a ‘budget’ option of a non-accredited provider: #1 Reliability As an UKAS accredited certification […]

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What is an “Integrated Management System” … and why they make sense

Integrated Management Systems

What is an Integrated Management System? Where a company is committed to achieving certification to more than one standard, such as quality, health and safety or environmental, an Integrated Management System (IMS) is the simplest and most efficient solution. The most recent revisions of the ISO standards now include a high-level structure that allow for […]

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