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What is an “Integrated Management System” … and why they make sense

Integrated Management Systems

What is an Integrated Management System?

Where a company is committed to achieving certification to more than one standard, such as quality, health and safety or environmental, an Integrated Management System (IMS) is the simplest and most efficient solution.

The most recent revisions of the ISO standards now include a high-level structure that allow for management systems to be integrated, meaning a much more joined up approach to system management.

What what does it mean to your business?

Quite simply it means that if you have two or more management systems, they can be joined up, ultimately resulting in saved time and resources.

Management reviews and audits can be conducted as one saving time and money; this along with having a joined-up approach to process across systems also results in higher efficiencies.

An integrated management system that is certified by an UKAS accredited certification body

Putting in place and IMS will help your business save money and time. However if they are not certified by an UKAS accredited provider, such as Ocean Certification, then your system may not be as fully optimised as it could be. UKAS is the national accreditation body for the United Kingdom, appointed by government, to assess organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services.


What is an integrated management system