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Why choose an UKAS accredited certification body?


Serious about your business? Then choosing an UKAS accredited certification body such as Ocean is must to assess your management systems.

Here are five reasons why you should choose an UKAS accredited certification body and not be fooled into going for a ‘budget’ option of a non-accredited provider:

#1 Reliability

As an UKAS accredited certification body has been through an accreditation process themselves to follow international standards and are subject to audits from UKAS, you can be assured that you will be assessed to the right level; meaning your certification will have much higher credibility than a certificate awarded by a non-accredited body.

#2 Recognition

UKAS accreditation is recognised across the UK and globally. More and more organisations are requesting that their supplier’s certifications are specifically UKAS accredited, to provide them with the assurances that they need.

A certification body that is not UKAS accredited, may seem ‘cheaper’ and ‘quicker’ to get the standard, however many potential clients may not consider the certification as proof your systems are certified to the right standard, meaning a waste of time and money in the long run.

#3 Reduction

Being certified to the UKAS standard will ensure that your organisation is benefiting from a reduction in waste across its operations.

The UKAS standards put in place will ensure that the assessment carried out by the certification body helps to identify where organisational performance needs to be improved, so that businesses gains a true benefit from the system(s) it has in place.

Having a management system in place shouldn’t be seen as simply paying lip service to achieve a certificate – it should truly embedded within the organisation so that it brings real value and has a positive impact on your business performance.

#4 Risk

One of the key factors that UKAS require is total impartiality. An UKAS accredited certification body must not act as both implementer and then assessor of the same management system! Otherwise this is not impartial and carries risk.

Having the same organisation assessing your systems who have acted as your consultant, not only reduces credibility of your certification, it can also pose a risk to your business. 

#5 Reputation

If you do go down the route of using a non-UKAS accredited certification body, and your customers believe your certification to be UKAS accredited, you could run the risk of damaging the trust and confidence your clients have in your business if this is uncovered.

A good reputation takes years to build up, protect it by utilising the services of an UKAS accredited certification body to carry out your assessments; so that your customers and potential customers are assured that your organisation operates to the highest standards.

If you gain your certification via an UKAS accredited certification body, you can use the UKAS logo to demonstrate your level of achievement, which is internationally recognised.

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